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Back in elementary school -- the fourth grade, I believe it was -- the local priest came to our class to discuss the "spirit". He wrote this word in capital letters on the board to punctuate his point and to enrapture us. But, for some reason (possibly because he was elderly and confused most of the time), he added an "E" to the end of it. He soon realized that something about the word wasn't quite right (possibly because we were snickering), so he quickly assessed the situation and improperly remedied it by erasing the first "I".

He spent the rest of his impassioned sermon with the word "SPRITE" in bold, triumphant lettering behind him.

For the rest of elementary school, any religious discussion or talk of Jesus's teachings could be very keenly undercut and entirely destroyed by one of us deciding to mull aloud, "Hm... so image is nothing..."

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