�As it is Aired, So it Shall Be

I encountered the crazy man again. This time, he told me that my calling in life is to "do something like on CSI."

According to many primetime dramas (and several episodes of Dharma and Greg), anything a strange man at a bus stop says to me -- particularly within the context of a completely anonymous, almost clandestine meeting -- is supposed to hold some great universal truth, its importance all the more heightened by its chosen medium (a possibly drunken spaz with an odour). The telling of this truth is supposed to leave me feeling singular and purposeful and wise -- for only I had the existential prowess required to attract and notice such a message. Truly, I am great. My life isn't a complete waste. Somebody up there likes me!

But he threw in that CSI reference... so now my faith in the wisdom of crazies is not as strong as it used to be.

The teachings of primetime, however, are still sound. Never doubt that.

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