�How Television Makes Me Buy Things

For all the years I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation, I could never place Counselor Troi's accent. I guess it was Betazoid. Point being, her treatment of the word "body" (which she pronounced "bady") has always been fun to mock. Whenever a friend or I need a cheap laugh, we whip out the accent and inject the word "bady" into several Deanna-esque sentences.

"It was as though I was looking at my bady from the outside. Maybe you should look at my bady. Would you like to touch my bady? Whehr ahhr yooou..."

It's trivial, I agree, and probably not amusing to many people. But, for me, it's a delightful bit of shared history and is one of the few things that makes me feel as though I am still part of a large group of people whose youth occurred at the same time as mine, even though I rarely see such people anymore.

That's why today, when I saw an umbrella with improperly typed instructions directing me to "Hold umbrella away from bady", I bought it.

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