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So, speaking of Star Trek: The Next Generation, why didn't they use the tractor beam and decompress the main shuttle bay at the same time, instead of just using the tractor beam (which failed). Cripes, they were stuck in that causality loop for 17 days -- someone should have caught on by the eighth time through (and without having to utilize phase shifts). Could one thing not be on while the other thing was open? Sort of like a refrigerator, only reversed?

It was still a good episode, though. In fact, the episode in which the Next Generation crew first encounters the Ferengi (who had big pool-noodles for weapons at that point) is better than anything I've ever seen on Enterprise. Enterprise is a god awful show. I'm so pleased it's over.

Now if I could just get Andromeda off the air and Firefly back on, I'll be all set.

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