�The Set Was Drab, but the Show Content Was Sheer Glory

Does anyone remember The Montel Williams Show and that psychic he always had on? Psychic Sylvia Brown? Red hair, long nails, failed to mention that Montel was going to develop MS? Remember her? Anyone?

I certainly do. I also very clearly remember an appearance in which she made some very specific predictions, such as that the next president of the United States (this was when Clinton was in power) would be Al Gore. Which, of course, didn't happen. Technically. If you look at some of the inconsistencies surrounding the election (and I'm not just talking about hanging chads -- I'm referring to improper vote validation procedure, accepting votes after the cutoff date, collusion amongst government officials to prevent key democratic demographics from voting), it can be argued that Al Gore did in fact win the presidency. He just didn't become President.

The point is, all this talk of the ailing Pope has gotten me thinking about another prediction made by psychic Sylvia Brown on the very same episode. She said that the current Pope will be the last one. It ends with him. No more Popes.

So let's all pay close attention and see if a divine revelation has, once again, chosen to be shared with the masses via a daytime talk show.

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