�And I'm Hungry

Dear Television,

I miss you so much. I am so so sorry that I have not been able to make time for you or earn enough money to sustain you. Your absence is a staggering loss. It is as though I had lived in a box with only one window and then that window was sealed off. There is a loss of connection. More than the deprivation of light and nature, the loss of connection causes harm and distress. That is how I miss you.

Part of my being has been removed and I believe I could cope with the loss of a limb more effectively than I am coping with the loss of an unrecognized extension.

I cannot find a substitute. All other sources (MMORPGs, life-simulation gaming software, illicit and legal drugs, the acquisition and watching of pirated video, the streaming of corporately sanctioned video, sleep, etc.) have failed to deliver what you gave to me so readily and easily without the expectation of requited attention; you shared without creating an obligation to interaction. Such a cherished thing, I have lost.

Please wait for me.

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