�Maury is My Homeboy

There are certain truths in life, and I'm not entirely referring to the touchy-feely kind. I mean the ones which govern circumstance -- "laws," if you will. Little factoids and expected outcomes that may very well be expressible in a mathematical equation churned out by a room-sized computer somewhere, but I'll never know about it. Most of us will never seek out such an explanation or model anyway. We see these things and accept them. They make up our reality. We don't ask questions; we simply alter our behaviour to accommodate.

The fact is, if you leave the TV on any channel long enough, an episode of Maury Povich will eventually come on. That's just the way it goes. Forces we cannot even begin to comprehend are at work. Seeking a cause or reason is futile. Don't bother to question it; just always have the remote handy.

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