�Mellow Drama

So, the thing about work is, I'm deprived of television all day.

When I return home, I watch The Young and the Restless (which airs at 4:30 pm in Canada); then I eat something while the TV is on; then I sit for a bit in front of the TV; then I do the dishes with the TV volume cranked up so that I can at least hear it; then I sit in front of the TV again; then I spend a little time on the computer which is in the room next to the TV; then I shower; then I watch TV while I dry; then I go up to bed and watch TV there until I fall asleep.

Which seems like a lot of TV-watching, but, at the end of the day, all I ever remember seeing is The Young and the Restless.

Have you noticed that the Big Blue Plate in the Newman livingroom has been replaced by another, less talented plate? This plate is mostly white with only blue squiggles. Like we wouldn't notice. We're not talking about a Noah, here. You can't just whip out a new plate and not expect an outcry from loyal viewers. My God, that plate was the Victor Newman of flatware. Its absence is a travesty.

I hear the Big Blue Plate got a part in a new primetime series. It's yet another CSI incarnation. This one takes place in Hoboken. Matthew Modine has also signed on. Seems like a good balance.

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