�Getting Rid of Scott's "GlamRock Ken" Hairstyle Would Probably Help

I hear the last five minutes of Friday's American episode of The Young and the Restless was cut off, so here's a quick overview for those of you who missed out:

Devon finds his crackhead mother unconscious in the bushes and Sierra calls 911.

Daniel buys a plane ticket to get past security at the airport so that he can see Lily with whom he shares a touching goodbye before she boards the plane for New Hampshire.

Tom walks into John's office, introduces himself as "Ashley's friend", and tells John that he needs to speak to him regarding Gloria.

Kevin and Scott return to the loft, still wet and oily from the athletic club, and proceed to make hot monkey love on the floor.

Oh wait, that last thing didn't happen. That wouldn't make much sense considering that they went out of their way to confirm their heterosexuality earlier in the episode by getting into a hot tub with a random woman for all of forty seconds. Right, now I remember.

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