�Sorry, I Left My Wallet in My Other Reality

I always wonder how much a network is paid to air one of those Christian Children's Fund type commercials. You know, the ones with skinny, fly-covered kids and some contrasting white man drawing attention to our lack of action. If I ran a network, I would demand quite a bit of money to show one of those. As a viewer, nothing makes me change the channel faster than that type of commercial. They're so long and overly ironic. I frequently flip to another show and never return.

Am I a heartless bastard? Well, yes. That's why I'm watching television instead of volunteering at a children's hospital or feeding the homeless or taking part in a Walk for the Cure of some sort. I watch TV because it's none of those things and, as such, those things never enter my mind while the TV is on.

Interrupting my primary fantasy outlet with real world issues just pisses me off.

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